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Essential Oils & Snail Masks

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★100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS ★ Our high quality essential oil blends are natural, unaltered, and do not contain carrier oils. The purity of each oil ensures that all seven blends achieve their full potential when used for aromatherapy, inhalation therapy, and when diffused. ★ THE POWER OF FLOWER ★ Each of the seven blends in this essential oil kit contain...

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★ 7000PPM OF SNAIL SECRETION FILTRATE ★ Each of our masks contains 7000ppm of snail secretion filtrate, most masks on the market contain just 1000-5000ppm of secretion filtrate. With more filtrate repairing and rejuvenating your skin, you’ll see fuller, faster results with our mask—you’ll feel a difference and your skin will experience enhanced regeneration after your first treatment. Read more...